Morocco: Part Deux

April 16, 2009

Emily, Braden and I spent the second part of our trip in Taroudant, a small town in the south of Morocco. Emily and I first came with our host Ubaldo (who is the president of an NGO that helps centers for the disabled all over Morocco) in 2005, when there was nothing going on. Now the center has moved to a new location and is able to help many more kids (although still needing funding).

While we were in Taroudant, Ubaldo expressed his desire to also start working with street kids. Because there is such high unemployment in Taroudant and tons of single or divorced mothers, the kids are left to their own devices during the day. AID, homosexuality, drug use and sex are rampant amongst the kids. One Moroccan NGO that is already working to help poor families is looking to start a drop-in center for the kids.

We ended up filming on kid, Badar, and his family. His father is unable to work because he broke his hip. His daughter had to drop out of school and Badar eats most of his meals out on the street. Badar’s mother is pregnant again as well–“another street kids on the way” as our translator put it. We were able to help them a little and buy them groceries. The NGO is trying to get the father surgery, and the girl back in school. But unfortunately stories like this, and kids like Badar are all too common.

Filming on the walls of Taroudant

Filming on the walls of Taroudant


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