Mae Sot Thailand, Days 24-31

April 16, 2009

In order to save everyone from having to read a million posts (and since I’m already back from the trip) I’m going to just talk about the rest of our time in Mae Sot here. There was way too much that Compasio does (you’ll have to watch the videos), so I’m just going to talk about their work with street kids.

Kimbo-y gets up at sunrise and walks five miles every morning from Burma to come to Mae Sot to beg. Then, if she’s made enough begging to satisfy the family, they walk back around nightfall, if not they stay well after dark, sometimes sleeping in the streets. Sometimes her father and step-mother come with her, sometimes she is sent by herself with her baby-brother. Kimbo-y is eleven years old.

One day she flagged me and Jill down as we were walking back to the hotel. She had a huge open wound on her foot from her walk from the border. None of the kids have shoes. Jill ran and bought her flip-flops while I busted out my handy-dandy travel sized med-kit and cleaned up her wound (I was getting used to carrying it around everywhere, as you need it when working with street kids).

Her story is like countless others of the children that we met in the streets. Compasio feeds them informally by paying for their meals at a food stall in the market. Everyday the staff walks through and rounds up the street kids and take them to the “food lady” who gives them a hot meal.

We got to film the stories of the kids, and follow them from the border as they walk into Mae Sot everyday.

Compasio (like Kings Kids) is hoping to open a drop in center for the kids, so we hope that through our films we can help raise awareness and finances for this project.

It was amazing to be able to film the stories of street kids again.

With Kimbo-y

With Kimbo-y


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