Mae Sot, Thailand: Day 22

April 16, 2009

Emily, Braden and I took a five-hour bus ride on Thursday and arrived to find that Rachel (our host who works with Compasio) had a SCHEDULE for us! And not only that, she’d PRINTED IT OUT! Truly, it was a miracle.

So, Friday we we went and visited two Burmese families where the husbands had been killed by their Thai boss because he didn’t want to pay them. Each of the ladies has five kids, so Compasio refers to them informally as the “ten-kid family.” Compasio buys them food and helps their kids go to school.

As they sat with us and told the story on camera of how they lost their husbands, both of the ladies and the kids started crying. It was probably the most difficult moment on the trip. Wondering what to keep filming, how to proceed as they cried and cried. We ended up shutting off the camera and taking the kids down the street for some snacks and then playing with them in the yard.

Unfortunately, the working conditions for the Burmese are terrible, and stories like these ladies are not uncommon in Mae Sot.

Filming with the "ten-kid" family.

Filming with the "ten-kid" family.


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