Chiang, Mai Thailand: Days 18-22

April 16, 2009

Emily, Braden and I spent 5 days in Chiang Mai. The other half of our team stayed in Chaing Mai for another week after we left.

Chiang Mai feels like a second home. I love it there. Connecting with old friends, past translators, making new friends with our Thai staff. We stayed at Won Generation or WonGen, which is a coffee shop/band venue open on Mon, Wed and Friday Nights. They’ve been putting on concerts around Chiang Mai with the local Thai metal scene. They hosted BlindSide a couple years ago and put on a benefit concert with 20+ bands while we were there.  The others shot a promo video for WonGen and did some graphic design and photography projects for them.

I spent most of my time prepping for Mae Sot (a border town where Emily Braden and I were going next) and catching up with old friends. Here are some highlights;


My Thai Friends Milk and Mango

–After not sleeping for 48 hours I got dragged out to Mango’s birthday celebration at O’Malleys pub. I’d traveled from Nepal through India to an Irish pub with my Thai friends. It was a strange culture shock.

–Banana pancakes at Mountain View Guest House. Amazing thick fluffy goodness.

–Saw my friends Adam and Cindy from UCSD who live in Chiang Mai. Got to meet their house-full of kids!

–We shot an amazing interview with Al Brown, the head of Compasio, the NGO who we were going to film in Mae Sot, a town on the border of Burma. I struggled to not cry as he told stories of kids they had rescued.

–Had a day off complete with Starbucks at the mall, a terrible movie and street food at the Sunday market. Street food was definetely the best part of that day.


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